Eagle Martial Art is specialised in Karate. Women, men, and in many cases, entire families get trained in an atmosphere that promotes a drive towards excellence. Eagle Martial Art students encourage others to excel during karate workouts, and engage in friendly competitiveness. New students feel the positive energy from the first class.

Eagle Karate Classes for Kids: Eagle karate classes for kids offers a fun, friendly, challenging environment for our students where children learn fundamental techniques. Our dedicated staff is focused on teaching real, effective self-defence and helping our students to achieve optimal health and happiness. In an environment surrounded by strong and positive leaders, you will see your child grow and strive for goals that you didn’t think were possible. Our Black Belt Instructors run fun, exciting and well structured martial arts classes where your child will learn about the importance of not using their karate outside of the academy, stranger danger, what to do about bullies, and how not to be a bully.

Our staff is trained to work with your kids and excited to see them every day. We provide an active and educational experience while keeping your child in a safe, nurturing, and positive environment.

Fitness for Life:. The unique quality of Eagle karate is that goals and structure keep your karate training on course. A black belt is years away, but you train with this goal on your long-term list of future accomplishments. The achievement of these stripes and belts punctuate your steady progress. Quality of life and health are continually improved with increased flexibility, strength, balance and cardiovascular health. Fad workouts come in and out of style, largely because long-term growth is limited. Experience an exercise that is ever challenging and always rewarding – Eagle Karate.

Self-Defence: Eagle Karate is a blend of techniques practised with self-defence as the focal point. Many styles of the martial arts are very traditional, and although valuable for cultural and historical purposes, practicality is often peripheral. In our karate coaching; applying punches, kicks from Japanese karate styles, and a variety of knee and elbow strikes, you will begin to feel empowered after the very first class. Executing these techniques with full force into targets and punching bags leads to strength and accuracy, giving you the tools to defend yourself and, ultimately, the air of quiet confidence that would-be predators detect and avoid. This external and internal power will grow and sharpen over time with your practice and our guidance.

Self Improvement: As a person becomes more fit and refines the skills of self-protection, the positive results affect all other areas of his/her life. Improved physical stamina counters fatigue. Greater confidence and self-esteem lead to relaxed yet assertive reactions and relations. Punching, kicking and yelling certainly provide a great outlet for the stress encountered in daily life! Achievement of stripes and belts correlates to achieving goals in other areas, and investing “sweat equity” towards the far-away black belt teaches the important lessons of delayed gratification, self-discipline, and perseverance on goal.