Kickboxing for Beginner – Eagle Martial Art will give you, the beginner, skills and techniques of kickboxing that you would never have thought possible. Punching, kicking, blocking, self defence will become second nature and your skills will give you confidence that you can take into everyday life. Our Kickboxing programs are designed for beginner to advanced levels.

We never mix beginners with advanced grades so new members can train at their own pace and increase their fitness level without any pressure. You can see how far they are away from progressing to the next level of kickboxing training, see instructor notes and even book personal classes! If you just want to join for fitness or see yourself competing then Eagle Martial Art is the ideal choice for you.

Kickboxing Sparring/ Combat – Once you the student feel you are fit enough and capable enough then the Martial Art runs sparring classes after the kickboxing lessons or at weekends. The sparring classes are for you to push your fitness boundary to the limit. They are designed so you can practice the skills you have learnt in a confined environment like ring, an extremely hard place to master them. Sparring is not about hitting hard and trying to knock your opponent to the ground. Sparring is a strict discipline that will enhance you as a person and give you confidence in confrontational situations.

At the Eagle Martial Art sparing is done in a strictly controlled setting where students of all abilities, all ages, all sizes and differing genders can compete against each other in a safe learning environment without fear of injury.

Kickboxing Classes for Kids – These classes are designed for children of all ages who are new to martial arts. In these kickboxing classes you will be taught the basic principles to give you a solid grounding that will help develop and progress your child to reach the best that they can be.

Advanced Junior Kickboxing- This class will take the skills that your child has developed and take them to a level of excellence beyond their imagination. The advanced juniors will learn techniques that they can transfer to real life situations if needed. This class gives specific focus to sparring, giving the pupils extreme confidence in the schools that will enable them to use the many impassive and varied techniques they have learnt. The class is also very fitness orientated which ensures your child will reach a level of fitness far beyond their peers.