Eagle Woman Special Program is a fun and exciting 60 minute classes usually taken regular 3 times in a week Fitness is fun! It’s a great way to experience health and wellness. Enjoying fitness is the key to keeping exercise a part of your life. Fun Fitness will teach you all about the right way to exercise and Self-Defence. There are lots of benefits to being a fit person. You will be healthier, less stressed and more relaxed.

You’ll have more energy too! In Woman Fitness & Self-Defence Program, we always use easiest and soft training. We focus on slow and long period exercise & technique.

Safety Exercise:
The exercises featured here are for teens and adults woman that are in good health and have no physical restrictions. Be sure to listen to your body your body needs energy (food and fluids) to perform at its best. Eagle Martial Art will help you understand what you should eat and drink before, during and after exercising so that you will feel good and have a safe workout.

Martial Arts is a safe, fast paced, easy to learn system of Self-Defense that will help you overcome the fear of failure, the fear of others, and not feeling confident enough to protect yourself or your loved ones. We give you proven physical and mental training and proven street-tested advanced fighting skills to overcome any obstacles. You will never be afraid of any human being or fear any situation again. Students learn and progress through the following skill sets: STAND UP – How to use your hands, feet, elbows and knees in a variety of situations. PRESSURE POINTS – The use of pressure points on an assailant’s body can leave them weak and vulnerable.

Working on a regular Group Training session weekly, we carefully monitor your success and results to make sure that YOU are heading towards YOUR goals. This Program has been designed with your goals in mind, focusing on weight loss and fitness.